Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

A new podcast focusing on mental health and wellbeing for PhD students

In the UK, the societal stigma attached to speaking about mental health has reduced over the past few years, but it is now even more important that we normalise these conversations.

1/3 of undergraduate and postgraduate students reported having major depression

39% of undergraduate and postgraduate students reported having anxiety

Historically, academia has not appropriately acknowledged and taken steps to tackle mental health issues within the community.

In this brand new podcast by four brand new PhD students, we aim to open up the discussion. 

In this podcast, we mention three excellent organisations:

A non-profit organization created to improve mental health care access and address the unhealthy culture currently pervading academia.

A social enterprise that works to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and create solutions via events and workshops.

The UK’s student mental health charity, which helps to build communities among academics.

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